Click-Click, Click-Click – Holy Moley!

Have you ever gotten into the seat of a rollercoaster, and thought: “I know I want to do this, and I’m sure it will be fun, but I didn’t fully prepare emotionally for what’s about to happen.”  As it is with rollercoasters, so it is with the start of school…every year.  It sneaks up on me.


This year, I’ve spent a good deal of my summer working on my craft. I did a week of math workshops by Henri Picciotto that we hosted at Principia. They were outstanding. He has loads of free resources on his website and he has bushels of sage advice on his blog.

We also had several very exceptional presenters during our two weeks of professional development: David Hayward, Robin Fogerty, and Craig Maxwell. I got so many great ideas that I feel like I’m about to pop.

…But now reality settles in, and it’s time to buckle up and get down to business. I need to plan the first few weeks of each of my classes, which will be a nice challenge since two of them are new for me, and one of them is getting a face-lift.

Thank God for my department, my admin team, and the wonderful students that I get the privilege of working with this year. If it weren’t for them and my lovely wife, this rollercoaster might be too scary for me to ride.

This is my first of many posts this year. I promise that future posts will be focused on my classroom and what I’ve been cooking up for my students’ learning pleasure.